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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Intuitive Communication with Animals

Intuitive Communication with Animals


Would you like to ask your pet some questions?

Do you think your pet would like to ask you some questions?

Does your pet show certain behaviors that you don’t understand?

Is your pet adopted and you would like to know about their previous homes?

Would you like to speak with a pet that has crossed over the bridge?

Has your pet become lost or stolen?

Do you have a sick or dying animal that you want to communicate with?

Have you wanted to talk to nature like the birds and other animals?

I can speak with your animals to have their voices be heard.


$25 per session


Marta's Master Class Description

Beginning Animal Communication

In this hands-on class you will learn intuitive communication by doing it. We will work with the animals that come to the class and with your animals at home, using pictures and descriptions. You will experience undeniable proof – through doing simple verifiable exercises working with animals you don’t know – that intuitive communication is real and that you can do it. If you can read one of my books on intuitive communication before taking the Beginning course it will be helpful, but it is not required. 

Talking With Your Own Animals (Intermediate)

Learn techniques for talking to your own animals and hearing what they have to say to you. The focus is on getting messages and having in depth, detailed conversations back and forth with your own animals using intuitive communication. . Explore your animal’s purpose and role in your life. (Prerequisite Beginning)

Advanced Animal Communication

In this class you will learn advanced applications of intuitive communication including assisting animals in crisis, talking with frightened or resistant animals, talking with many animals at one time, communicating with animals who have died, discovering an animal’s past experiences and past lives, and conducting in-depth interviews with an animal. You will also learn techniques for increasing your speed, accuracy and confidence in any situation. (prerequisite Beginning)

Finding Lost Animals

Learn the process for finding a lost animal using intuitive techniques including remote viewing, interviewing, and map dousing.( prerequisite Beginning)

Talking with Wildlife and Nature

In this class you will learn how to communicate with wild animals, individually and in groups, with trees and plants and all aspects of Nature. You will learn how to use intuition to bring health, balance and harmony to the plants in your garden. Through shamanic journeying discover your ally in nature and learn to connect with the spirits of place and the features of the landscape. (prerequisite Beginning)

Manifesting Your Dreams for Yourself and the World

Use your intention and intuitive abilities to create the life you want for yourself, for other humans, and for the animals and the earth. Find out through shamanic journeying what it is you are here to do in this lifetime.

Intuitive Animal Training

Learn how to add intuitive communication into your training program. You will find this technique will expand and enhance your animal training experience. It can be applied to remedy any bad behaviors you wish to change. In this class you will also learn how to use this technique to improve your relationship with your animal. (prerequisite Beginning)

Animals as Teachers and Healers /Mirroring Between Animals and People

Animals lead us on journeys, show us our reflection, and create situations that force us to heal and grow. Discover how your animals can reflect you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Find out how they work with you to help you learn and heal. Techniques for clearing any unwanted mirroring will be addressed. (prerequisite Beginning)

Death and Beyond

In this class you can communicate with any animal from any time in your past. Resolve grief and unanswered questions. Find out whether they will be returning. Learn about the past lives of your current animals and those now in spirit.(prerequisite Beginning)

Talking with Horses

Surround yourself with horses and learn their stories through in depth readings.. We will work with live horses and with photographs. Learn about natural horsemanship and holistic care for horses. (prerequisite Beginning)

Manifesting for Ourselves and Our World

Learn how to help animals, other people and yourself using the techniques of manifesting and visualization. We will also work with pendulum dowsing to shift energy to be more positive (for whatever issue or situation).  (prerequisite Beginning)

Counseling Animals and Their People

This class is designed for those who want to work professionally to assist animals and their people using the skill of intuitive connection. The workshop covers all the common categories of cases and situations that would confront a professional animal communicator and gives you strategies for addressing each of these cases. You will learn techniques and approaches for relating to and helping both the animals and the people who come to you for consultations. References and resources in holistic health care and nonviolent training methods will be provided. (prerequisite Beginning)

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